Lauren Brincat


Artist Lauren Brincat in her Sydney studio with daughter Beatrix for our ‘SEE dedece’ series of photographic studies of creatives, emerging and established. Lauren uses video installation, sculpture and performance to explore the limits of language, and is shown here with elements from her live sculpture work called ‘Other Tempo’ which was performed at Carriageworks, Sydney in 2019.

Paola Lenti's Craft and Precision

In their expansive workshop in Meda, North of Milan, hundreds of craftspeople across three departments hand-stitch, weave and paint. Extensive collaboration with local tailors, architects, upholsterers, weavers and engineers complete the brand’s entirely Italian production with its focus on materials —  textiles, tiles and ceramics, wood and glass — all with the distinctive and exuberant use of colour Paola Lenti is renowned for. With the effort of many artisans, Paola Lenti fashions exceptionally precise and refined furniture and accessories.

After studying under design and art luminaries like Bruno Munari, Heinz Waibl, and Augusto Garau, Lenti transitioned from graphic design into furniture, starting her eponymous company 27 years ago. Crediting her teachers for her love of colour and its possibilities, Lenti’s true fascination was textiles: felt, rope and twine, and an instinct that these could be utilised outdoors in a way that was missing from the existing market. Joined by her nuclear engineer sister Anna they have built a women-led company based on this idea, that in the right hands textiles have limitless possibility. 

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