New Collection

Nobody does colour, texture and pattern like Paola Lenti. The brand excels at making outdoor furniture as desirable as indoor. With many of the pieces modelled, decorated or woven by hand in seemingly infinite colour and pattern combinations. The new collection features ceramic elements, knit fabrics, hand woven webbing, wood and bamboo, and pieces made from offcuts for Paola Lenti’s “non-waste” range, all of which combine in exuberant and colourful ways.

The new collection arrives at dedece’s Melbourne and Sydney showrooms next week. Come and see the new collection for yourself, curated alongside new arrivals from Paola Lenti’s permanent collection.


Moon by Davide Groppi

Moon is an evocative lamp that casts a soft and atmospheric light. Inspired by Davide Groppi’s expressionistic dream of putting the moon inside your home, the spherical shade is crafted by hand so every lamp is unique. Made with traditional Japanese paper the overlapping thicknesses and the texture of the paper enhance the light’s resemblance to the moon’s surface.

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