Seating / Lounge / Costume Armchair

Costume involved a complete rethink of the sofa for Magis. It is a modular system within a modular system.

Costume comes in four different modules: the seating module, left or right armrests and an ottoman. The plastic connector, which is pushed into the slots on all four corners of the seat, in matching as well as in contrasting colours, adds an element of play to the composition.

Driven by environmental concerns the modules can be easily disassembled for cleaning, or replacement. Each module is made of four components. A body made from recycled and recyclable polyethylene produced from furniture and car industry waste. An insert made of pocket spring cores provides the cushioning. On top of this is a thin layer of polyurethane foam. The whole is held together by a fabric cover, fastened using tension belts. Not only does this system use much less foam in manufacturing than conventional sofas – most of the materials used can also easily be recycled.

Magis prides itself on a wide-ranging catalogue of products that span from the aesthetically pure to the stylistically expressive. This deliberate eclecticism allows the brand to constantly push at the parameters of design.

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