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Even a domestic activity such as washing the dishes can be approached with an original, colourful, playful spirit, thanks to Dish Doctor: a draining rack created by combining two rounded polypropylene shells. Its shape is reminiscent of a ship, with two cutlery holders for funnels. Inside, a forest of round-tipped spikes keep the tableware in order after rinsing.


Marc Newson (b.1963) graduated in jewellery design from Sydney College of the Arts and shot to fame with the 1986 exhibition at Roslyn Oxley Gallery that launched his Lockheed Lounge which consistently sets the record for the highest price at auction for furniture by a living designer. London-based, Newson works with brands across sectors including product, fashion, transportation, timepieces, lighting and fragrances and cosmetics.

Magis prides itself on a wide-ranging catalogue of products that span from the aesthetically pure to the stylistically expressive. This deliberate eclecticism allows the brand to constantly push at the parameters of design.

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