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Folding director's chair.

Material: polypropylene with glass fibre added. Seat and back in fabric. Suitable for outdoor use. The elegance of high technology to rediscover the timeless director chair.

Designed by Philippe Starck. Available in 3 colours White, Black and Beige

Philippe Starck has a mission and a vision: creation, whatever shape it takes, must make life better for the largest number of people possible. Starck believes this highly poetic, political, rebellious, benevolent and pragmatic duty must be borne by all, and he enacts it with the humour that has always accompanied his approach: ‘no one is obliged to be a genius, but everyone has to take part.’

Magis prides itself on a wide-ranging catalogue of products that span from the aesthetically pure to the stylistically expressive. This deliberate eclecticism allows the brand to constantly push at the parameters of design.

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