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The practical design and subtle sophistication of David Mellor’s Transit Trolley makes this resourceful trolley cart equally suited for both home and work environments.

Made with a chromed steel tube frame, standard injection-molded polypropylene shelves, and polished die-cast aluminum handles, Transit features casters for easy mobility and a folding system for quick, compact storage.

The Transit Folding Trolley was created with the philosophy that well-designed equipment can improve your life. The practical yet subtly sophisticated design achieves this goal by offering versatile, movable, and durable surfaces that can be used at home or in the workplace.

Available in white, Transit enables a range of activities—from serving cocktails to supporting technology.

Magis prides itself on a wide-ranging catalogue of products that span from the aesthetically pure to the stylistically expressive. This deliberate eclecticism allows the brand to constantly push at the parameters of design.

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