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Oasi is a new seating system for the outdoor composed of a base element, which can be configured differently when completed with back and armrests.

The seat structure is made of stainless steel and is provided with elastic belts and a cushion in differentiated polyester, thus fully recyclable. This basic element can be combined with varnished aluminium backrest and armrests with different inclination and completed with cushions.

The outer side of the back and armrests and the structural visible shell is covered by Diade panels. Diade is the new Paola Lenti signature molded plastic material, recyclable and available in several colours. Cushions upholstery is removable and available in the outdoor fabrics in the collection.

Paola Lenti’s products are based on a balance of past and present, exterior and interior, tradition and technology. The shapes are kept deliberately simple, the sophistication comes from the colours.

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